He has always helped me heal!

Mark has been my chiropractor for over 14 years. He has always helped me heal, and takes a very knowledgeable and holistic approach.
I always recommend him.

Angie W

He is a gifted healer!

I have known Dr. Mark Vinick for over sixteen years. He is a gifted healer, student and teacher of Ayurveda, Meditation and the Vedic Sciences. His patients are lucky to work with such a well rounded, experienced, highly educated practitioner, who is additionally exceptionally kind, present and compassionate. I highly recommend his services.

Traci Webb - Ayurvedic Living

Within three months the pain was gone!

I inflamed an old injury while moving over Christmas last year. By March I could hardly walk for more than 15 minutes (and previously I walked everywhere and exercised daily) because the pain in my ankle, knee and lower back was so intense. Sitting wasn’t much better. I finally went to see Dr. Vinick and within three months the pain was gone! That’s right, gone. Not only did he relieve the pain but he was able to create a pair of orthotics for my shoes and provide me with extremely helpful ayurvedic treatment in regards to my diet. I’m sorry I waited so long to see him!

Cee V

He gave me confidence that my concerns would be addressed!

Dr. Mark Vinick’s comprehensive approach to well being gave me confidence that my concerns would be addressed. I appreciate that he takes the time to explain why I’m experiencing pain and what he will do to treat it. Most important he wasn’t rushed like you find in so many offices.

Richard B

I feel the best I’ve felt in 5 or more years!

Dr Vinick is a true healer and an excellent Chiropractor. I came to Dr Mark in extreme neck compression with intense pain and rigidity throughout my neck and shoulders as well as terrible headaches. After the first session, my headaches were gone and I could move my head and neck. After the second session, I had range of motion and could turn my head easily to each side. After the third, I could lengthen my cervical column and spinal column in an experience of well being I hadn’t felt in years. As a result of Dr. Vinick’s treatments, I feel the best I’ve felt in 5 or more years. I highly recommend Dr. Mark Vinick for his expertise, powerful healing and great compassion. When you are in unbearable pain and a Healing Practitioner can give you relief, it is a Miracle.

Dianne M

Mark is an outstanding chiropractor!

Mark is an outstanding chiropractor and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner with a deep knowledge of how promote health and wellness. Highly recommended!

Jeremy S